Queen Bee made it to the gallery!

The Bees Knees at Alexi Era Gallery

What was lost is now found. The Queen Bee by Mani C.Price found its way home to the gallery and is on display on the right.

Tonight is The Bees Knees fundraising art event at Alexi Era Gallery. There will be an online auction for some of the artwork, so keep your eyes open for that within the next few days. Proceeds go to Honey Love, an organization dedicated to urban beekeeping.

Show the honey bees love.

Hooligan Heart

Hooligan Heart, new song by May Ling Su

I finally recorded a song I wrote so long ago. Has it been three years?

Three years ago I read book 5 of the How to Train Your Dragon series to my daughter at bedtime – it was How to Twist a Dragon’s Tale. I found myself weeping toward the end, and after my daughter had gone to sleep, I wrote this song on my ukulele.

So long I’ve waited
For my lover’s sweet rescue
Warm are the nights
When I’m dreaming of you
My Hooligan Heart
Beats only for you

Listen to Hooligan Heart.

The Lost Painting of Queen Bee

This past spring, artist Mani C. Price suggested we collaborate on a painting for submission to The Bees Knees, a fundraising art event to benefit Honey Love, an organization devoted to urban beekeeping.

I was really excited about it, being the self-proclaimed Patron Pornsaint of Honey Bees. I sent Mani some image files from which she could draw inspiration.

Queen Bee May Ling Su sketch in pencil by Mani C. Price

Queen Bee May Ling Su painting in progress by Mani C. Price

Queen Bee May Ling Su painting in progress by Mani C. Price

Queen Bee May Ling Su finished painting by Mani C. Price

Queen Bee May Ling Su sketch in pencil by Mani C. Price

She is Queen Bee, Bhramari Devi. She was on her way to the Alexi Era Gallery when she got lost in the mail.

Someone commented, “The Muses demanded a sacrifice.” If so, I hope that the painting pleased them, and that the sacrifice becomes fuel for more exciting future endeavors.

If you can, please go to The Bees Knees on Saturday, July 19 at 6pm. Taste some raw local honey and buy some art.

Alexi Era Gallery
1426 Washington Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63103

Your Wildest Dreams erotic podcast: Popping the Cherry

Armageddon's Princess by Anthony Pacheco, audio book narrated by May Ling Su

This is my erotic podcast, Your Wildest Dreams. Earlier this year I finished narrating the audio book, Armageddon’s Princess written by Anthony Pacheco. Search for it at Audible.com and on iTunes. Armageddon’s Princess is a science fiction murder mystery set in the future. A very sexy future.

We follow the adventures of an American war heroine named Lexus Tolouse, who has four husbands, a sex bot maid, an A.I. warship who also happens to be her lover and in this clip, Lexus is about to become Princess Concubine to the Empress of Japan. Listen.

I have codes available for downloading Armageddon’s Princess on Audible for free. If you would like one, send me an email at maylingsu at gmail or comment on this blog entry. I’ll send you the code and instructions on how to redeem it. In return all I ask is a review on Audible or iTunes. I only have a limited number of these codes, so if you’re interested contact me right away.

Till next time,

You can call me Queen Bee and baby, I’ll rule.

May Ling Su Patron Pornsaint of Honey Bees

I’ve dubbed myself May Ling Su, the Patron Pornsaint of Honey Bees.

Because I love raw honey. I’ve eaten all kinds of local raw honey everywhere I’ve lived. Each batch is a whole different taste of flowers. I eat it for fun and for health. I stir it into my tea, swallow it when I have a sore throat or a cough, and slather it on skin problems.

Honey is magical. And like all magic, I owe it my protection.

We have 3 acres of land and done nothing this spring. We have a landscaping company as our nearest neighbor, and we’ve gotten flyers advertising lawn mowing services, but we are standing our ground, letting the dandelions bloom yellow blooms all over the place. The bees love it! It makes me so happy to see them buzzing around. Our hydrangea tree is still barren, mint still low on the ground. I’ve got to feed the bees somehow until everything else blooms later this summer.

May Ling Su feeds the bee

Join me in taking care of the bees. No matter how small or how big your garden is…

DO enjoy raw honey from your local beekeeper.

DO explore organic ways such as using compost to grow your plants.

DO use biocontrols such as ladybugs to prevent insects from eating up your plants.

DO leave some undisturbed “wild” areas in your garden for bees to take shelter in.

DON’T use toxic pesticides, especially neonicotinoids. Don’t believe all the bee-washing. That stuff kills!

I am happy to report that 10% of MAYCAM‘s membership dues for April was donated to the Pesticide Action Network, which is working to replace toxic pesticides with alternatives that are in harmony with nature.

donation to pesticide action network

(And I bought a set of honey spoons from Honey Love’s Etsy Shop. But that’s purely selfish.)

More info on protecting bees:
Honey Haven
Honey Love

Fundraising Art Event:
The Bees Knees is on Saturday, July 19 at 6pm.
Alexi Era Gallery
1426 Washington Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63103

Can I trust you with my secrets?

May Ling Su shadow

I watch you from the shadow and give you my heart.

When I was younger I really believed that if I am true to myself, I would attract and repel what I need. All I had to do was be unapologetically myself. It worked for a while. I lost people who never were my friends after all, gained new friendships and developed deeper appreciation for the people who truly matter in my life.

Now that I am older I have come to realize that being unapologetically myself may not be the key to getting what I want in life. Putting all my cards face up on the table is not what will win me the game.

I think that when I was younger I was wide open to what the world had in store for me. It took a lot of courage (and the stupidity of youth) to lay myself naked at the world’s feet. Now that I have seen what the world has to offer, I can direct my energy toward what I want in my life, and not be so at the mercy of what life throws my way.

So I’m holding my cards closer to my heart, playing the game with more experience and hopefully more skill.

12 years of blog entries I previously had on this website are now tucked away in MAYCAM, where I keep my secrets. It is a private website. Before you enter it I need you to promise me that I can trust you with my secrets. Promise, and I will give you my heart.

Caption This Contest #10

May Ling Su and the machine

Come up with the best caption for this photo and type it into the comment box below by the end of Sunday, May 4. Adult participants only please. The winner gets a week-long MAYCAM pass so put your thinking caps on, lube up, crank it, and GO!

Update: Thank you for playing Caption This Contest #10. The winning caption is by Sean: May is thinking… “This is the last time I order a steampunk vibrator, dammit!” Congratulations, Sean! Check your email box for your week-long MAYCAM pass.