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The Bitch is Back

My 46-day cycle came to an end. Finally, I bled. It really made me appreciate my period after getting all stressed out about not having it. I’ve been on such a regular schedule for...

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I’m a dirty girl. That’s why I take a lot of hot steamy showers. Not baths, I’m a shower girl. Take this video, for example. It starts out with me naked upside down in...

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Free XXX Movies

I will be posting a free full-length movie selected from my smut collection at MAYCAM. It will be here for a limited time, exclusively for email subscribers to my blog. If you are already...

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Counting the Days

9 days late. No, I’m not pregnant. I checked on Day 30. In fairness, my period tracker app has calculated my cycle to be on average 24 days long, so really, 9 days late...

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Head Nurse

“Are you ready for your afternoon blowjob?” “Yes, Nurse May.” Watch this oral cream pie happen at MAYCAM.

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Armageddon’s Princess

Armageddon’s Princess by Anthony Pacheco, audio book narrated by May Ling Su is now available for download on iTunes, Amazon and Audible. If you don’t have an Audible account yet, they are offering to...

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Hunting Wabbits

One fine day in early spwing, when the snow was beginning to melt, a little wabbit hopped about and met… … a carrot unlike anything she had evew seen. YUM! She tasted it. That’s...

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Happy Halloween, people! This year I am a racoon. I’m going to be sneaking around with my little bare butt, shivering in the frosty fall. One more time, before it gets colder than a...

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XXX DVD Silent Auction

Now that the dust has settled here at home, I’ve found some more XXX DVDs homeburned on my Mac. These are not available anywhere else, and I don’t plan on making any more of...

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Home in the Wild

This is 15th of my series of birthday nudes. Celebrate with me! For 15 years of health and growth – not in height, *sigh* but in spirit. Cheers! This photo was taken in our...

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Summer’s Selfie Series

I’ve been a bad girl. I totally neglected to update you all summer. I tweeted, Facebooked, Flickred, even G+ed. I have no excuse for this kind of blog neglect. Not to mention the horrifying...