What I Did Last Summer

Are you old enough to remember a time when the internet was not the ubiquitous monster it now is?

I grew up in the Philippines. My childhood home wasn’t wired with a phone until I was twelve, just in time for my teenage years. In college I had a cell phone the size of a brick, and I only used it for emergencies because it cost so much by the minute. After college I was one of the early adopters of the world wide web in the mid-90s. I’ve been hardwired and wirelessly working and playing on the internet since.

I think you have been, too.

Well, this summer I unplugged and went off the grid in the White Mountains.

At first I thought I would be glamping.


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I drove there with my laptop, iPhone and iPad, but as soon as I got in deep, I had no signal, no wifi, nothing except the trees, freshwater lakes and the cool mountain breeze.

For a couple of days every couple of weeks I drove back home to the comforts of civilization and blogged about my adventures.

And for the whole month of August, I didn’t log in at all.

It was liberating!

I met people from all walks of life, all different shapes, sizes, colors and sexual orientations. We were all drawn by the same desire to find ourselves, stripped bare of what we thought were necessities of 21st century life. I loved flirting by the fire and frolicking in the woods. I love this new facet of myself that I’ve discovered, and I’m very excited to share this with you.

May Ling Su in the lake

Share with me, what did you do last summer?

May Ling Su

Pride, love, and Liberty


Pride, love, and liberty triumphed at the Supreme Court. What a happy day for America!

No matter what happens, love finds a way. Follow where your heart leads. Have courage in times of adversity.

And remember, love isn’t only about loving someone else. Love begins with loving yourself.


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May Ling Su

Hooligan Heart

I was never the princess-y type as a kid. I played the role of orphan or waif to my sister’s and cousin’s wicked stepsisters. Oh, and as a child, I also had recurring dreams of being a male giant handling tiny teacups. So you know I’m pretty psyched with sugar on it to put together this princess-y ensemble with a long flowing blond wig to boot, and sing you my song about waiting for my lover’s rescue.

The twisted background on this song is that it was inspired by the love story of Humungously Hotshot the Hero and Valhallarama in the book, How to Twist a Dragon’s Tale (book 5 of the How to Train Your Dragon YA series) by Cressida Cowell. So really, the singer is supposed to be the hunky Humungously Hotshot the Hero, waiting for his lover, the intrepid Viking heroine Valhallarama, to rescue him.

Can you see me as a giant Viking hero with long blonde hair?

Hooligan Heart by May Ling Su

Yes? Yes? Never mind.

Princess. That’s the role I played in the full-length video my man and I made, which is rare for me since like I mentioned earlier, I have never, not then, not now, been the princess-y type. The princess is under a spell that has cursed her to sleep until rescued by true love’s kiss. Our perverted prince has figured out a way around that. Watch the full video at MAYCAM, where I keep my secrets.

May Ling Su

A Little Inspiration

Honeymoon Bhramari Devi by Mani C. Price

The Queen Bee Honeymoon Bhramari Devi by Mani C. Price is now available to order as prints at Fine Art America and Society 6. I just ordered mine, and I can’t wait to hang it. It will be a vibrant reminder for me that spring will eventually come, despite the thick blanket of snow outside.

Which reminds me of my latest blog entry in MAYCAM, titled “From Hero to Motherfucker.” It’s about the worst experience I had this winter, with my car dying during a snowstorm and having to wait for a tow truck for two hours in an unheated car. It’s a crazy tale about how a hero turned into a motherfucker, pardon my French.

Also in MAYCAM, I wrote about what I was like at 14 years old.

At 14 I was into @BoyGeorge and Lord Byron. I also had a secret. Read it in maycam.com

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Finally I want to share a little inspiration with you.

Advice from an Oscar-winning artist

Dave Elsey, who won an Oscar in 2011 for Best Make-up in the movie, The Wolfman, and has worked in a whole slew of sci-fi and fantasy movies since 1986, posted this advice on my Facebook: “My advice is persevere. The airbrush can seem like a cruel mistress at first!”

I think this applies to just about anything.


May Ling Su

I am not hungover.

My left eye is still swollen from 2014. I won some and lost some, but I won’t cry over spilled champagne. I’m taking my wins with me to 2015.

May Ling Su is Queen Bee by Mani C. Price

2014 was the year Queen Bee by Mani C. Price was born and unveiled at Bees Knees, a fundraising art show at Alexi Era Gallery benefiting Honey Love, an organization dedicated to urban beekeeping. We made $1358 and many little bees very happy. Thank you!

The Bees Knees at Alexi Era Gallery

Bees hold a special place in my heart and all over our 3 acre backyard. Honey is magic. It’s the awesome sauce for eating and rubbing on my skin. I feel so fabulous being imagined as Queen Bee. Thank you!


Agam book published by Institute of Climate and Sustainable Cities

2014 was the year the book, Agam, was published by the Institute of Climate and Sustainable Cities as a fundraiser for solar-powered public transportation for the city of Tacloban.

Power Couple by May Ling Su on Agam, book by Institute of Climate and Sustainable Cities

More than about climate change, Agam is a book about people. Photographs by Jose Enrique Soriano are non-judgemental, taken with “no exploitation of misery.”

My piece, Power Couple, juxtaposes high tech capitalistic lifestyle with raw human survival instinct.

I am honored to be one of 24 contributing writers – accomplished poets, journalists, anthropologists, scientists and artists from the Philippines. I feel like the black sheep among these luminaries, but they’re nice to me, so thank you!



2014 was the year I narrated and produced my first audio book, Armageddon’s Princess by Anthony Pacheco. Download it from Audible or iTunes.

Armageddon’s Princess is a science fiction murder mystery set in the future. The book follows the adventures of American war heroine Lexus Tolouse, who has four husbands, a sex bot maid, an A.I. warship who also happens to be her lover, and in this clip, Lexus is about to become Princess Concubine to the Empress of Japan. I played all of those characters. It was a tour de force! Listen.


Not too shabby in 2014. We’re beginning my 13th year of blogging with the past 12 years of archives tucked into MAYCAM, where I keep my secrets. I’m going for a lean mean 2015! Happy new year to you and yours.


May Ling Su