Strip Karaoke 2.0

Strip Karaoke, music by May Ling Su

My music site, Strip Karaoke 2.0 is up. I call it 2.0 because all the content is set up entirely on tumblr, and social networking sites, such as Last.FM, MySpace, T61 and YouTube. Very exciting for me to be able to bring my music to people who will appreciate it. If you have an account with any one of these sites, please leave me a comment, or a heart, or introduce yourself to me somehow. And even if you don’t have an account, do pay me a visit and check out my tunes! More to come!

May Ling Su

May Ling Su is a bad girl. She makes porn and all kinds of mischief. Watch her at to see just how bad she gets.

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1 Response

  1. Ra says:

    You guys are multi-media geniuses. That music and the music videos are really good!

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