Neighbor Girl, A Rural Gloryhole

May Ling Su is Neighbor Girl in a rural gloryhole

This is one of the XXX MAYCAM videos my landlady didn’t want us to make.

Naked Summer caused quite a stir in this little farming town in Northern California. We’re being kicked out for being too loud and too proud.

We rented the farm from my aunt, a holier than thou, thinks she’s better than everyone else, Catholic hypocrite. We don’t have a lease. Verbally, she gave me every indication that we were staying here at least a year. In fact she even warned me that she will be increasing rent on the second year, a practice that is standard for rentals. She had me pay the annual ground water bill. I started a vegetable garden I now won’t be able to harvest. We’re good tenants: we pay in full and on time reliably, we keep the premises clean. But because we’re family, it’s a free for all. I’ve got my grandmother and various other relatives coming over here daily unannounced. (Jay sums it up pretty easily in this video.) We asked my aunt/landlady to help us because we need privacy, but instead of providing her tenants with their needs she is kicking us out.

You know, I’ve lived with this Aunt before. In New York City she invited me to live with her in her apartment in Chelsea while her husband was in Texas tying up loose ends before he moved to NYC with her. But as soon as he moved in with her, I made myself scarce. Sure her husband was friendly with me, and told me he was tickled I had the same taste as my Aunt in men. (He meant white men, as if there was only one kind of white man. I was dating Jay at the time.) But I understood they’re a married couple who hadn’t seen each other in a long time so I got out of the way. I spent as much time as I could at Jay’s. One day while my Aunt was at work I walked out to the living room and found my Aunt’s husband jerking off to a XXX video. I know what you’re thinking. No, I didn’t suck him off right underneath that giant wooden crucifix they had on their wall. That’s a disgusting thought. But it was clear those people needed privacy. No one needed to tell me that. I moved out and moved in with Jay. The rest, as they say, is history.

May Ling Su at the farm

We could fight for this place. Fair Housing Authority told me we are not being evicted because we have not been given proper notice. A txt message is not binding. And her reasons for kicking us out are irrational and emotional. The law protects tenants from retaliatory eviction. It’s incredible how much lawbreaking we became aware of during our brief stay here, and even more incredible that she is antagonizing people who know her secrets.

I won’t get into any more ugly details. To tell you the truth, I’m sick of the topic. It’s ugly, and I’d rather not wallow in the ugly. Part of me feels like walking away without retribution means that I am allowing future injustices to keep happening. Another part of me knows that my true treasures (Jay and my daughter) are what matters most, and that I can’t be distracted from doing what is right for both of them. Even the most righteous revenge has its price.

Life is short. When does the party start?


Photos are from Neighbor Girl, A Rural Gloryhole – a XXX video exclusively at MAYCAM.

May Ling Su

May Ling Su is a bad girl. She makes porn and all kinds of mischief. Watch her at to see just how bad she gets.

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3 Responses

  1. Apocalyptus Rex says:

    What’s the point of having a picnic table, if you can’t even hump your beautiful wife on it?

  2. Jay says:

    It’s like they didn’t know we were going to have sex here… and sometimes with each other. It’s a weird case of discrimination. We paid rent, we fixed the house with our money, we keep the grounds looking amazing. In fact, we treat everything like it may become a backdrop for a sexy video shoot… wait… that’s exactly what they are freaked out about, our personal life style. I don’t think it’s legal to kick folks out because you don’t like their personal lifestyle choices. Can a landlord kick out tenants only because they make sexy videos together? I mean we’re married… I have a license to drive that wife.

  3. matt meto says:

    ..being ‘kicked out ‘ kinda like really sucks..but you know ,in hindsight
    no one REALLY happy until they make OTHERS miserablie!.this is a fact!!!
    maybe their life is miserible…it’s a pattern.
    i wish you both you and your daughetr hope and happyness as well as your hubby!
    all i say is stay healthy and horney!!
    may the force fullnes of fucking be with you all!!

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