What makes you feel like a baddie?

May Ling Su in prim and proper office attire wears black pantyhose held up by a black garter belt over creamy thighs

Most respectable, kind, decent people want to occasionally break out of their goody two shoes and be bad. We all have our guilty pleasures. Naughty lingerie under prim and proper office clothes, a basement dungeon within a house with a white picket fence, a secret porn site… what’s yours? What makes you feel like a baddie?

We explore a forbidden fantasy in my new movie, N-Truder, now showing at MAYCAM. Get a sneak peak at Baddie.

This Valentine’s Day, I wish you someone you can share the best of you with, who lets you act out your worst, and who accepts you for the disgusting pig that you are. 😘

Love, Lust, & Liberty,

May Ling Su

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  1. Edsalldw

    the first time that you have looked like a cougar vs a young woman.! looks great! Don’t go all botox and fake though. Embrace your age naturally as it looks like you are.
    Hope that last story was the Kancamangus Highway. If not do it.

    I HAVE MISPLACED MY PASSWORD, make my hand more tired. Please help.
    I hope you do embrace liberty. The best I have ever read on it is Mortimer Adler’s chapter on liberty in “6 Great Ideas of western civilization”. That book has been my bible since I took a course from Adler at the Aspen institute in 1995. Short read. Lets see you spice it up.

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