I want it now.

I’m desperately craving a halo-halo right now. What I would give for a tall glass of it… I want a bean feast, the crunch of crushed ice, with creamy flan and ube ice cream topping. Don’t care how. I want it now.

May Ling Su in leopard print bra and tiny sheer skirt licks her lips.

I’d also love a green mango, tart and crisp, with bagoong. If not, I could eat a santol, the sour brown flesh first then the sweet white pulp in the center… I don’t remember the last time I’ve had one.

May Ling Su in leopard print bra and tiny sheer skirt that shows off pussy.

And duhat… I remember picking so much duhat from a tree that my fingers turned violet. So good… but so long since I last put one in my mouth.

May Ling Su in leopard print bra and tiny sheer skirt spreads her legs and shows off pussy.

Tell me, what are you craving for?

Love, Lust, & Liberty,

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