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Last summer I had a lovely time over Skype with Padmapani Perez and Rev. Joseph Santos-Lyons, hosts of Agam the Climate Podcast. They posted my interview and reading of my piece Power Couple for their Valentine’s Day episode.

Have a listen on Spotify or on Soundcloud. We dish about the process of writing my piece in the book, Agam. I talk about the Lilith series and feminism. I share lifestyle changes I’ve made toward lowering my carbon footprint and mothering children who will continue to take care of our planet. I feel a little sheepish now listening to myself talk about Greta Thunberg as if no one has ever heard of her, but this was before she sailed across the Atlantic and became a climate change superstar so ignore my over-explaining who she is and enjoy the rest of the conversation.

The folks at Agam honored me with four tree seedlings for this interview and I couldn’t be more proud of it.

May Ling su tree seedlings planted by Haribon Foundation

Toward the end of the interview Padma asked what I foresee for the adult industry in the face of climate change and I gave a vague answer about being able to adapt as we always have, which is true. The adult industry has always been an early adopter and on the forefront of trends and tech. But here are more specific ways porn is addressing environmental crises.

Shortly after my interview Pornhub released “The Dirtiest Porn Ever,” an educational and fundraising campaign toward cleaning up litter from beaches and the ocean.

Prior to that, they launched “Beesexual,” another educational and fundraising media project toward protecting pollinators.

Sexecology, a form of environmental activism by porn performance artist Annie Sprinkle and her partner, Elizabeth Stephens, combines education and activism in live performances to get people to care for the earth the way one cares for a lover.

Perhaps you’ve been skinny dipping, had sex in the great outdoors, and fucked yourself with vegetables. I have. I’ve eaten fruit so good they made me moan. I’ve straddled tree trunks and hugged their limbs. Rain and snow, lightning and thunder puts me in a horny mood.

May Ling Su straddles a tree

What about you? The natural world is a sensual delight. Tell me about your erotic experience in nature. What do you do to let her know you love her?

May Ling Su nude in the woods

Love, Lust, and Liberty,

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