Lilith: Generations of Cain

Lilith: Generations of Cain by May Ling Su
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Lilith: Generations of Cain, new erotic novel by May Ling Su

Lilith: Generations of Cain is Book Two of the Lilith Series. Lilith is out of Eden and thrust deep into Mesopotamia in this erotic adventure novel based on Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, and Akkadian tales. Meet Blind Dragon, Og the Giant, the two-tailed cat from Inanna’s temple library, and many more sexy creatures in her search for love and redemption.

Lilith: Generations of Cain is available on Amazon as a Kindle download, paperback, and audiobook. For wholesale inquiries and review requests, contact maylingsu at


Excerpt from Lilith Generations of Cain on SimplySxy

This is an excerpt from the chapter Oath, in which Lilith is the center of a sex orgy with demons.

In another excerpt, meet Didi and Miu, courtesans from Inanna’s temple from the chapter, Uruk 🏛.


Much like the Odyssey, Generations of Cain puts emphasis on the journey rather than the destination itself…and what a wild journey it is, rife with (explicit) sexual adventures along the way, and plenty of crisscrossing biblical, Mesopotamian and Egyptian mythologies too!

– Son of Odin

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About the Author
May Ling Su is a prolific sex blogger and author. Her portraits taken by celebrity photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders are in the book, “XXX: 30 Porn Star Portraits” and exhibited in fine galleries worldwide. She contributed Power Couple, a creative narrative piece for book Agam, published by the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities and winner of a National Book Award and Golden Book Award in the Philippines. She also narrated and produced an audiobook, Armageddon’s Princess by Anthony Pacheco. Her novel series, Lilith, is now available on Amazon.

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