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Lilith Queen of the Demons by May Ling Su
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Lilith: Queen of the Demons, new erotic novel by May Ling Su

Lilith: Queen of the Demons is Book One of the Lilith Series. An erotic novel that explores the gaping holes between the first two chapters of the Book of Genesis, Lilith: Queen of the Demons is based on Jewish folklore, but dives deep down and dirty into demon sex, angel sex, Annunaki lesbian sex… all the while searching for the meaning of life and love.

Lilith: Queen of the Demons is available on Amazon as a kindle download, paperback, and audiobook. You may also purchase a signed paperback and a limited art edition handprinted and signed 3-disc CD set of the audiobook directly from For wholesale inquiries and review requests, contact maylingsu at


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Meet Lilith, Adam, and the tall dark stranger in this excerpt from the chapter, Fire 🔥.


I rather enjoyed this delightfully blasphemous fairytale. This first installment of the Lilith series reads like an alternate mythology where biblical characters are actual people instead of the two dimensional cutouts I learned about at Vacation Bible School. I’m looking forward to the next book.

– Apocalyptus Rex

What a beautifully-concocted, intelligently-written story about Lilith, Adam’s first consort, and her fall from Eden. More than mere erotica, May Ling Su’s “Lilith: Queen of the Demons” is a love story, a bold take on Judeo-Christian mythology, and a celebration of the power of the divine feminine. Impressively-researched but told in a tone and pace that’s easily digestible, “Lilith” is also flecked with wit and humor, and contains more than a few refreshing insights about mortality and traditional Bible-based beliefs. Blasphemous? Not really; if you’ve got a sense of humor and your faith is firmly placed, you won’t mind May Ling Su’s treatment of God or Azazel or any of the fallen angels. Sexy? Definitely. This book is shameless and unapologetic, the author deft and smart. Prepare to be blown away. I cannot wait for the part two.

– vivalogos

Lilith: Queen of the Demons is many things. In some moments it’s sweet, cute, endearing, and playful in its portrayal of sexuality. In other moments it’s a thoughtful, bawdy, hilarious, and emotional.

Most of all, it’s a provocative work by a skilled author who masterfully blends feminist criticism of creation myth and the concepts of good and evil.

I highly recommend Lilith: Queen of the Demons to any fan of erotic fiction and/or darker fantasy stories, as well as those who enjoy clever satire of the Old Testament.

– Son of Odin

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About the Author
May Ling Su is a prolific sex blogger and author. Her portraits taken by celebrity photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders are in the book, “XXX: 30 Porn Star Portraits” and exhibited in fine galleries worldwide. She contributed Power Couple, a creative narrative piece for book Agam, published by the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities and winner of a National Book Award and Golden Book Award in the Philippines. She also narrated and produced an audiobook, Armageddon’s Princess by Anthony Pacheco. Her debut novel, Lilith: Queen of the Demons, book one of a series, is now available on Amazon in kindle, paperback, and audiobook formats.

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