Cum Spring

“I want to be your boyfriend,” Will said to me once, when he was 19. “I don’t want to be just another guy you fucked.”

He’s 21 now, a good 24 years younger than me. Over the past couple of years he has become my confidante whenever I needed to vent about my marriage. He’s one of the rare people who knows both my Husband and me well enough to know our secrets. He holds me close, listens to me, and has enough perspective not to take one side or another.

9 am, he showed up at our place. Spring break for my college boy. His mess of curly dark hair was tamed by a short haircut. He looks like a young Benedict Cumberbatch. The three of us caught up over breakfast.

9:30 am I got a phone call from the Lobsterman. He had been plowing my driveway every time it snowed this winter. I had agreed to give him a favor in return. He was coming to collect. Will said he hadn’t slept in days, so he went to take a nap in the guest room while I got ready for my second guest.

I changed into a schoolgirl uniform and fixed two ponytails on either side of my head. The Lobsterman arrived on time. My Husband brought him down to the basement to have a smoke, get him relaxed so he’d finish faster. After they were stoned, my Husband led him to the living room to see me and discreetly left us alone.

“Miss May, you look like a centerfold,” he showered me with compliments as he undressed. The old man wore the same thing every time: jeans, a long-sleeve undershirt, a t-shirt that has the name of his vessel advertised on it. As he sat naked, I used my foot to fish out a blue cushion from under the couch. I kneeled on the cushion, positioned myself between his legs, and serviced his cock with my mouth. The old man loves to get sucked off.

“You’re my fantasy girl,” he cooed in his thick New England accent. “So passionate… so persistent…” His cock is bigger and fatter than what I can take so I held tight on the base with one hand and used the other to play with his balls until he unloaded a thick mess of cum deep in my throat.

“You make all my aches and pains go away.” He wiggled and giggled like a child.

“Thank you for making me your whore.” I kissed the rounded head of his cock before he dressed and left. It took all of fifteen minutes. I wiped off the ring of red lipstick smudged on the length of my thumb and forefinger. My Husband came downstairs to check on me, his thrill from hearing me moan and whimper apparent.

“I have a throat full of cum, Daddy!” I said to him. “I want more!”

“Go get your boy,” he encouraged.

I went upstairs and peeked into the guest room. Will was on the bed with his big cock out, stroking it. I asked him down to the living room. I got down on my knees between him and my husband and held a cock in each hand.

“You didn’t save me any cum?” Will asked.

“Choke me with your cock and we’ll get that cum back out.” I pushed his giant downturned cock into my throat and gagged on it. I regurgitated a string of cum onto his shaft. I turned to my Husband’s rock hard one and pushed him all the way into my cum-swirled throat. I alternated them in my sloppy mouth, took each of their thrusts as they held my head. My Husband’s fits my throat snugly, Will’s barely fits. I struggled when they both pushed into my mouth at once. Teary-eyed, I begged them to add their loads to the cum I already had in my belly. They obliged. I swirled and swallowed all they had to give.

May Ling Su after party schoolgirl dripping with 3 loads of cum with mascara running

Snow piled up thick outside. We all napped till dark. We woke famished, had dinner, then went back upstairs to play some more. My Husband and my boyfriend, who collaborate amicably on electronic projects and mechanical games, did the same with my body tonight. They pushed their plugs into my ports together and alternated, tested connections, generated enough electric juice to keep me and my man going for the rest of the night. I am full of cum in all three of my feelings. I am a happy woman.

May Ling Su schoolgirl after party splayed out on the couch with legs wide open full of cum and mascara running

Anybody got sexy plans for the week?

Love, Lust, and Liberty,
May Ling Su

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