Can I trust you with my secrets?

May Ling Su shadow

I watch you from the shadow and give you my heart.

When I was younger I really believed that if I am true to myself, I would attract and repel what I need. All I had to do was be unapologetically myself. It worked for a while. I lost people who never were my friends after all, gained new friendships and developed deeper appreciation for the people who truly matter in my life.

Now that I am older I have come to realize that being unapologetically myself may not be the key to getting what I want in life. Putting all my cards face up on the table is not what will win me the game.

I think that when I was younger I was wide open to what the world had in store for me. It took a lot of courage (and the stupidity of youth) to lay myself naked at the world’s feet. Now that I have seen what the world has to offer, I can direct my energy toward what I want in my life, and not be so at the mercy of what life throws my way.

So I’m holding my cards closer to my heart, playing the game with more experience and hopefully more skill.

12 years of blog entries I previously had on this website are now tucked away in MAYCAM, where I keep my secrets. It is a private website. Before you enter it I need you to promise me that I can trust you with my secrets. Promise, and I will give you my heart.

Caption This Contest #10

May Ling Su and the machine

Come up with the best caption for this photo and type it into the comment box below by the end of Sunday, May 4. Adult participants only please. The winner gets a week-long MAYCAM pass so put your thinking caps on, lube up, crank it, and GO!

Update: Thank you for playing Caption This Contest #10. The winning caption is by Sean: May is thinking… “This is the last time I order a steampunk vibrator, dammit!” Congratulations, Sean! Check your email box for your week-long MAYCAM pass.