May Ling Su is an author and indie erotica producer.

May Ling Su started out as a twenty-something newlywed taking erotic photos and videos with her husband in the ‘90s. As her confidence and body of work grew, May Ling Su polarized audiences with her performances and writings. She writes about sex, relationships, and pleasure. Ancient cultures provide her with endless inspiration. Her novel series, Lilith, is now available as paperbacks, kindle downloads, and audiobooks. Welcome to her matriarchy.

Lilith: Beyond the Deluge

Coming Soon

Lilith: Beyond the Deluge

The immortal Lilith needs to get aboard the Great Ark and ride out the flood that threatens to destroy civilization. It seems easy enough for a woman of her powers. There’s only one complication: she didn’t expect to fall in love with a human.

From the Diary of May Ling Su

May Ling Su nude at the window

My Secret Life

Today is my parents’ wedding anniversary. Almost nine months later I was born, which informs me that I was either a honeymoon baby or the

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May Ling Su does yoga in her cookie cheeky panties

Booty Love

First Hump Day of 2021. How is your work week so far? I am starting the year with a daily yoga practice. So far so

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May Ling Su

Hello, Gina.

Thank you for appearing to me in my dream. You look beautiful! The whole dream was lit in the romance I have come to see

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