by May Ling Su

The Lilith Series

Lilith: Queen of the Demons

An erotic novel that explores the gaping holes between the first two chapters of the Book of Genesis, Lilith: Queen of the Demons is based on Jewish folklore, but dives deep down and dirty into demon sex, angel sex, Annunaki lesbian sex… all the while searching for the meaning of life and love.

Read an excerpt from the chapter, Fire 🔥.

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Lilith: Generations of Cain

Lilith is out of Eden and thrust deep into Mesopotamia in this erotic adventure novel based on Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, and Akkadian tales. Meet Blind Dragon, Og the Giant, the two-tailed cat from Inanna’s temple library, and the most awe-inspiring pussy posse to ever storm the underworld.

Read an excerpt from the chapter, Uruk.

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Lilith: Beyond the Deluge

The immortal Lilith needs to get aboard the Great Ark and ride out the flood that threatens to destroy civilization. It seems easy enough for a woman of her powers. There’s only one complication: she didn’t expect to fall in love with a human.

Read an excerpt from the chapter, Lilith's Mirror.

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Lilith: Queen of the Demons

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Lilith: Generations of Cain

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More than about climate change, Agam is a book about people.

Photographs by Jose Enrique Soriano are non-judgemental, taken with “no exploitation of misery.”

I am honored to be one of 24 contributing writers – accomplished poets, journalists, anthropologists, scientists, and artists from the Philippines. My piece, Power Couple, juxtaposes high tech capitalistic lifestyle with raw human survival instinct.

Agam is published by the Institute of Climate and Sustainable Cities as a fundraiser for solar-powered public transportation for the city of Tacloban. Winner of a Golden Book Award and a National Book Award in the Philippines.

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

XXX: 30 Porn Star Portraits

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders is faithful to the art of portraiture, even when photographing nudes. His portraits of porn stars at the beginning of the 21st century is timely. No other time has there been such public awe, if not respect, for porn stars. Porn, it seems, has finally seen the light of day. XXX: 30 Porn Star Portraits exhibited in fine galleries worldwide. Thinking XXX, a documentary film on the making of the book, aired on HBO.

Armageddon's Princess

Written by Anthony Pacheco, the book follows the adventures of American war heroine Lexus Tolouse, who has four husbands, a sex bot maid, and an A.I. warship who also happens to be her lover. Lexus is also Princess Concubine to the Empress of Japan. I played all of those characters and more.