May Ling Su is an author and indie erotica producer.

May Ling Su started out as a twenty-something newlywed taking erotic photos and videos with her husband in the ‘90s. As her confidence and body of work grew, May Ling Su polarized audiences with her performances and writings. Her novel series, Lilith, is now available as paperbacks, kindle downloads, and audiobooks. Welcome to her matriarchy.

Lilith: Beyond the Deluge

Auto-delivers to your Kindle on December 21

Lilith needs to get aboard the Great Ark and ride out the flood that threatens to destroy civilization. From her roots in the Garden of Eden to being a stowaway on the Ark, Lilith finds herself once more within the protective walls of the one place on the planet where all of God’s hope resides. This time around, the lusty Queen of the Demons falls head over heels in love with an innocent man. Will this love that stirs inside Lilith become her redemption? Or will the wrath of God ascend from the abyss to consume her?