“This is our moment to begin my transition,” Lilith said. She reached into her bag. She retrieved the wood case which contained her magic mirror, opened the latch, and lifted the mirror by its handle. She held the mirror close and looked into her own eyes. She spoke her incantation.

May Ling Su in the thicket

“I cast myself, body and soul,

Into this mirror, one and whole,

To capture a vessel I can control.

Inhabit her being and take on her role.”

Lilith kissed the face on the handle and spun the mirror in her hand. She replaced it face down into the cedar box, closed the case, and fastened the latch. She stuffed it back into her sack of precious belongings and handed it all to Na’amah.

“There you go, Na’amah. Once again, my life is in your hands. Who do you think I should possess?”

“The best choice would be Emzara, Noah’s other wife. That way we would both be one of Noah’s wives. Between the two of us, we can really influence his decisions once we are on board the ark.”

“Oh, you just want me to fuck him so you do not have to.”

Na’amah couldn’t help but blush. “Wow, you really have a way of seeing into my darkest of plans, Lilith.”

“You are still going to have to fuck him, you know. You are the pleasure wife, remember? Emzara is old. Come to think of it, I have never known what it is like to age. Na’amah, promise you will not let me be trapped in that old woman’s body forever.”

Na’amah took one long look at her beloved Lilith, took in her eternally luscious lips, those defiant cheekbones, that mischievous chin. She realized that this may be the last time she would be with her in her beautiful young immortal body. The thought of it shook her. What if… She could not bear to think of the many ways she could fail Lilith. She would rather die first. She looked into Lilith’s eyes and found confidence.

“Oh, Lilith, I promise.” The two women kissed and held each other passionately. Na’amah nuzzled into Lilith’s neck, the delicate curve of her collar bone, her breasts. She sucked on an upturned nipple then the other. Only God could have crafted breasts this perfect. Lilith lay on her blanket under the sky and spread her thighs wide open for Na’amah’s searching mouth. Lilith gave herself to the pleasures of the body she would soon lose. Na’amah cradled her slender waist and kissed the smooth skin where Lilith would have had a belly button, had she been born of a human mother. Lilith arched her back and raised her hips to meet Na’amah’s mouth until her body rocked in orgasm. 

“I am yours, Na’amah. I trust you completely,” Lilith cried.

Na’amah held her close. She inhaled Lilith, memorized her, made her part of every molecule in her body.

Samael watched from the shadows. Blind Dragon was rigid in the leather pouch on his thigh. Although it had been a long time since he held Lilith’s perfect body in his arms, he could still feel her skin on his, her shapes against the palms of his hands, her smell as he fucked her. He yearned for her, but he stayed in the shadows and let the women have their moment together. He was not needed.

Na’amah pulled her dress back on. “I have to go back. I will see you on the other side.” Na’amah held the vision of Lilith in her mind as she snuck back through the shadows to her sister’s room.

Lilith lay back on her blanket, running her hands all over her body.

“Samael,” she called. She knew he was never too far away.

“My Queen,” Samael unfurlerd his dark wings and dropped to his knees on the ground before her.

“I want you.” The words dripped out of her mouth like honey he longed to taste. He felt unworthy. He took her foot and kissed her sole. She quivered deliciously from his touch. His lips and tongue explored the nooks between her toes like a snake in the grass. Hers was the scent of the Garden of Eden. She could not shake it off no matter how many other places she walked and how many years since last she had been there. The Garden of Eden breathed through her pores. Lilith was Eden. Every curve, every dimple, every hollow.

“Let me have Blind Dragon,” Lilith said, her eyes filled with lust.

Samael retrieved Blind Dragon from its holster around his waist. It was black and shiny, rock hard, dripping at the tip with precum. “As you wish.”

Lilith took Blind Dragon in her mouth and sucked on its head while Samael caressed her legs. Every flick of her tongue on Blind Dragon sent shivers down Samael’s spine. Lilith spread her legs and engulfed him with the scent of her musk. He felt inebriated before he had a taste. He filled his lungs with her fragrance, then dove in deep between her legs and drank the nectar of life. 

Lilith savored Blind Dragon in her mouth, nibbled at its base and licked it all the way up to its tip. Her loyal Samael arched his back as she pleasured his disembodied appendage. His wings stretched out in ecstasy. His tail slapped the ground behind him as he grunted with a primal desire to put the weight of his thrust behind Blind Dragon into her body.

Lilith felt his need. She pushed Blind Dragon into her tight pursed ass. Samael lost himself. He ground his empty pelvis against the flat base of his severed cock. He pushed it deeper into Lilith. With a stiff exhale her muscles resisted and squeezed him out slightly. She pushed Blind Dragon back, this time in her thirsty cunt. They held each other tight. Their entire bodies were hot from the friction of Blind Dragon rubbing inside her. He felt the spark of creation. He was back in Eden. Back in paradise.


Lilith: Beyond the Deluge
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