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I am also on the following sites:

Amazon is where you can purchase my books.

Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) is where I show off my audiobook narration and production skills. If you are an author looking to transform your book into an audiobook, contact me through ACX.

Facebook is great because everyone is on it.

Fetlife is an online fetish community. I have a profile there, but I very rarely log on.

GoodReads is how you can follow what I read and what I write. Every so often I throw a book giveaway party that hundreds of GoodReads members join.

Google + has a cool video hangout feature.

Instagram is where I post photos I take from my phone. These photos are then automatically cross-posted on Facebook and Twitter. Some make it to Google +.

Periscope is a live broadcast network through my phone.

Find me on Snapchat.

Twitter is where I ramble about whatever is on my mind at that moment. My blog also notifies twitter about new posts. I’ve set up my Twitter to automatically cross-post to Facebook.

Vimeo has some music videos in it.

YouTube has more music videos.