Sexy Asian Auntie Visits the Farm

May Ling Su in a barn

Uncle Tim came home with a dead deer in the back of his truck. There was already one hanging upside down in his barn, but it was his brother’s. Uncle Tim is the man when it comes to field dressing deer. I remember a few Thanksgivings back when he bagged a hermaphrodite deer. He called it “queer deer” (pronounced kwee’ yah dee’ yah around these parts). I took photos, asked questions, no judgement. Uncle Tim seemed to enjoy my company. He entertained my questions and didn’t mind me taking pictures. I’d been in the family a long time but I know I’ll always be foreign to him.

A 14-year-old niece asked my advice on modeling, photography, and how to get her swollen lip to go down. She had gotten a piercing above the left side of her lip. Last summer she also asked my advice on eyebrow issues; first when she had shaved them off, drawn them on with a pencil, and given her face a surprised look; then when she had drawn them so thick they looked sharpied on. She may have found a happy medium with the eyebrows since then. Or maybe I didn’t notice on account of her fat lip.

“I brought my homemade mini pumpkin pies. Gluten-free!” I offered her. I made a batch every year.

“Oh my god, I love you!” She hugged me as she stuffed one in her mouth.

bulge in pants, not Dylan16-year-old Dylan also came up for a hug. He had grown from a chubby boy with Freddie Mercury teeth to a young man with short blonde hair, braces, and a hot bod! Call me a perv, but his good looks are not lost on me. The hug felt good. I walked right into his arms. He wrapped them around my back and squeezed.

“Auntie May, would you like to see my football videos?” he asked.

I glanced at his mother, an overweight blonde woman a few years younger than me but looking haggard. She sat on the other side of the room, clutching at her yappy little pomeranian, while she sobbed about her dog that died last summer. Her pomeranian upchucked a piece of turkey right onto one of the guests. A ruckus of cleaning up and apologies ensued.

“Sure!” I sat on the couch next to him as he pulled up junior varsity football game videos on his laptop. I became self-conscious of my minidress being a tad too short. His fingers tapped on his muscled thighs, dangerously close to mine. We watched his videos together. I heaped praise on his moves and watched him blush.

I’m aware of my “sexy auntie” status. Being asian and married to a white man makes me an “other” in his family; a hot exotic creature they can fix their fantasies on without feeling incestuous. I kinda like it. It feels good to be desired. And when I’m alone with my man I tell him I’m going to hire Dylan to mow our lawn this summer. I’m going to watch him peel his sweaty shirt off as he pushes the lawnmower around our backyard. I tell him I’m going out in a sheer little sundress, no bra, no panties, to bring the boy an ice cold lemonade. I whisper all the many naughty things I’m going to do. Whether I actually do it or not is beside the point. It makes my man hard to hear about it. It’s our connection together on a fantasy so immediate and so naughty that matters.

Did you have a sexy auntie when you were growing up? What fantasies did you have of her? Tell Auntie May all about it.

Love, Lust, and Liberty,
May Ling Su

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6 Responses

  1. Growing up I had a sexy aunt as well…this story resonates with my own coming-of-age experience.

    My uncle married an Egyptian woman way back in the 70s, and both were very young as well. During the 80s and early 90s when I came of age, she still kept her youthful looks and dressed elegantly.

    She had long curly hair, soft copper skin, large breasts, and a classical hourglass figure…even nkre prominent after giving birth to my younger cousins. I hadn’t noticed or appreciated these things about her until I hit puberty.

    By then I was reading up on Shakespeare at school and learned about Marc Antony and Cleopatra. . .and I secretly (and innocently) fantasized that it was us in a past life. We would bathe together and feed each other grapes in the nude, without a care in the world.

    (Wow, I’ve never confessed this before…)

  2. When I was around 10 yrs old, during my afternoon sleep. My aunt (youngest sister of my mom) would silently go to my room and start stroking my cock. And she will guide my hands to play with her boobs and let me suck them. She was very hot at that time as she was still in college and many guys are always courting her at our house. No one knows this secret.

  3. May Ling, When I was teenager in the midwest we had a next door neighbor who got fixated on me. She was pretty hot babe, caucasian of course, maybe mid 30’s double my age, big boobs, nice slim body. She used to openly display herself to me when I was in the back yard progressively getting more sexy and less clothes over a few weeks time testing me I guess? I made it clear I was loving looking at her and waved back. She then became very bold and would show herself completely naked followed by playing with her boobs and then spreading her legs and masturbating as I was watching! I began doing the same when I had a chance showing myself naked and then stroking myself and showing her my erect cock which she obviously was very interested in. One day she waved to me to come over as there was no one around my place nor hers. I was scared I will admit not knowing what I was getting into but I went over and she dropped to her knees and sucked me off I was so turned on from playing with myself and seeing her naked up close that I nearly came when she touched me and as soon as she took my raging hard cock in her mouth I pumped her mouth full of cum! She took it all and swallowed it licking her lips with gusto! She had me play with her tits and rub her pussy but i did’t know what I was doing so stopped and left. This continued for the summer and by late August I was fucking her deep in her cunt and filling her with cum! At the end of the summer my family moved to a Southern state and I never saw her again. I only know her first name as I recall–Alma! But to this day I can masturbate and cum in few seconds thinking of her warm mouth on my cock and how I came so hard that
    it splashed out of the corners of her mouth on to her tits! Truly a wet dream! Tom

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