When I think of home…

I think of tropical monsoons and coconut trees swaying in the furious wind. I think of guavas and mangoes and spiders as big as a man’s palm.

I think of the hot California valley, swimming pools, and strawberry fields as far as I can see.

I think of New York city streets, libraries and museums and theatres and cafes.

I think of a Victorian mansion with a view of the Manhattan skyline. I think of art, antiques, and taxidermy. I think of bohemians and decadence.

I think of a California cottage by the bay, overrun by ivy. I think of dot-com days and swinging nights. I think of friends on the futon.

I think of a home by the lagoon. I think of ducks and geese and my baby. I think of young buff men fucking my thirsty mom body.

I think of a little red cabin by a Maine lake. I think of being underwater all summer.

I think of a modern cottage on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, surfers on the beach below, sand constantly between my toes.

I think of an old farmhouse and barn in Maine. I think of ghosts and absolution.

You are my home and I am yours.

May Ling Su summer dreams
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