Undercover Office Slut

Tuesday after breakfast we tried to rekindle the previous night’s good time. I had overheard my Husband talking to Will about trying it on the massage table so, the eager slut that I am, I positioned myself on it to be accessible to their cocks. It didn’t work. The massage table was under a gambrel ceiling, which I propped myself against but proved problematic for the men.

My Man ended the scene abruptly. I followed him into the bathtub, begged him to continue, but he ordered me and the boy to wash up. Will wanted to keep going, and I understood that he was blue-balled, but I had to follow my Husband no matter what.

I tried to spice things up by reading them a series of emails exchanged between me and Wayne Warbucks, the most powerful man in the office building I worked at last year, when I went undercover as a civilian and got a job in a bookkeeping firm. He was a Navy Seal in his younger days. Now at fifty-something and president of a big engineering company, he’s still a muscleman, with broad shoulders that taper to a perfect tight butt. I had been trying to get the man’s attention for a year, and just recently gotten some kind of traction with a very forward, very explicit email:

Can I be honest? I’ve had this fantasy since last year of us working after hours at your office when everyone else has left. You bend me over on my knees on those blonde leather chairs across your desk, pull my skirt up to reveal my smooth pussy, and fuck me furiously. Let me know when you can meet.

Mr. Warbucks replied:

I was on a conference call when I read your email and I was so horny that I had to take an immediate action while I was in the call. Do you have kik?

Notwithstanding letting my men in on the sexy email exchange, we spent the day doing non-sexual activities. We worked on an Arduino device and played with magnets. By dusk we settled into the couch and watched The Grand Tour while I snuggled my head into my Husband’s shoulder and traced lines on my boyfriend’s hand. Will left soon after.

Wednesday morning my Husband told me we were expecting the Lobsterman, this time to bring a tribute of kine bud. The men started off the visit with a smoke in the basement as usual. My Man invited me down when they were done. I wore a pair of thick black thigh high socks under a little black minidress, expecting it to be cold in the basement, but my Husband had set up a propane heater in addition to a cushion for my knees and a chair for the old man. I serviced his cock with my mouth in appreciation of his gift. It took over half an hour and the old man could not muster any cum.

“I don’t think it’s gonna work this time,” he apologized.

“It’s okay… just relax…” I answered as I continued to suck on his cock.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t,” he said. “It’s not your fault.” He hugged my shoulder. “You’re so persistent, God bless you.” He got dressed and left.

I faced my Husband feeling defeated. He welcomed me in his arms, made love with my ass, and made me feel better. After washing up he licked and fucked my pussy, and added more cum to my ass for good measure.

The slut revitalized, I brazenly asked Mr. Warbucks via kik to meet me at his office that night. He agreed. I asked him to leave the back door of his office building unlocked so I could slip in quickly. He instructed me to lock it before I come upstairs to his office.

May Ling Su is the office slut

It felt like a heist and I was dressed for it: the same little black minidress and black thigh-high socks from earlier that day, with tall boots and leather trench coat added for the cold outdoors. I snuck into the building. It felt weird being back there again, this time covertly after hours to meet with The Boss for some slut action. He was waiting for me in his corner office. It was dark. The only light emanated from an MP3 player softly pulsing Bruno Mars.

“Here I am again,” I said breathlessly before walking into his muscled arms. We kissed. His mouth tasted like breath mints. I wondered if he could taste the spicy seafood noodle soup I had for dinner. His hands crept down to the hem of my little black dress and felt my bare ass. He lifted me on his desk, parted my legs, and got down to lick my slit. I wanted to pinch myself as I looked at the powerful man on his knees between my thighs.

He turned me around, bent me over his desk, and finger-fucked my wet pussy. I whimpered, almost lost myself to the pleasure, and reached behind me for that hard cock straining against his pants. I wanted it. I wanted to taste it. I got down on my knees, undid his pants, and put his cock in my mouth. I reveled in the look of desire on his face while I polished his cock with my lips, tongue, and throat.

He pulled me up and lay me across his conference table, my ass on the edge and my legs parted in the air. I felt his cock poised at the entrance of my hungry cunt.

“Fuck me,” I begged him.

“I told myself I wouldn’t bang you tonight,” he whispered. “Are you on birth control?”


I watched him consider it, then decide to pull away from me. I got off the table and pulled him to the blonde leather chairs I fantasized about for a year. I sat in one of them and deep throated his cock. He put both hands on either side of my head and throat fucked me until he came. I swallowed the sweet dessert down and showed him my empty mouth. He shook his head at my silliness. I relaxed in the leather chair and hitched my leg up on an arm to reveal my pouting pussy.

He composed himself and leaned on his desk. “So you and your Husband have an open relationship?”

“He loves me unconditionally,” I tried to define my marriage. My Husband doesn’t like the term open relationship. He and I are each other’s primary partners. No one can challenge that. Everyone else we get involved with come after.

“I’m married,” he disclosed. “She’s very prudish.”

I knew. I got up and put my arms around his neck. We kissed.

“I’m going home with the taste of your cum in my mouth,” I whispered to him.

“I’m going home with the taste of your pussy,” he replied then gave my ass a pat. “I promised to help with physics homework tonight. Let’s get out of here before I fuck you on the stairs.”

I threw my coat back on and left while he closed things down in his office.

When I got home, my Husband was in the shower. I undressed completely and got in. I told him everything that happened and recreated the scene with him in the shower until I swallowed another load of cum in my mouth. Later on in bed we acted out my scene with Mr. Warbucks in greater detail. I downed my third cum load of the night before I went to sleep.

Have you ever had an office affair? Ever fucked in your workplace?

Love, Lust, and Liberty,
May Ling Su

Gothic Lolita

A cruel late autumn wind hit the man on his cheek like a slap on the face. The day had been warm and sunny when he and his wife began the hike up to the top of the mountain. He carried a picnic basket on his back gaily while she prattled along the trail ahead of him. As they approached the sheer cliff of the summit, the wind had its way with the couple. Sparse trees swayed and shook. Red leaves barely holding on finally let go in a swirl.

At the edge of the clearing, a girl sat in a swing that hung from a maple branch. The couple beheld the sight of her dark silhouette suspended from twin ropes. An exorbitant amount of ribbons, ruffles, and bows made her seem out of place in the wild outdoors. She would have made more sense in a Victorian doll house.

Gothic Lolita on the swing
Photo by May Ling Su, Model: Naomi Roberts

The couple looked at each other in disbelief. The man wondered if they were looking at an art installation or a fashion mannequin. The woman looked around for any other people within the vicinity. They were alone.

The girl turned and focused her piercing blue eyes on each of the hikers, assessing whether they were friends or foes. The woman was quick to speak.

“Hello! We’re here for a picnic! Would you like to join us? We have food!” The woman motioned to her husband to take the contents of their picnic basket out.

“Right, right, food!” The husband busied himself setting up a blanket on a patch of grass. He took out apples, grapes, bread, cheese, and salami.

The girl smiled. “I’d love to!” In one swift motion, she leapt from the swing. Her dress ballooned open like an umbrella, giving them both a half-second glimpse of her thigh-high stockings and her panties. She folded herself readily on the picnic blanket, every pleat perfect over her black lace-up boots. She devoured the food as if she hadn’t eaten in days, entirely uncharacteristic of her formal attire. The couple watched as fruit entered her mouth, moistening her red lips.

The woman took a sip from her water bottle. “What’s your name, dear?”

The girl attempted to answer but decided to keep eating instead. The couple watched as the girl ate every single morsel of food they had packed for their picnic. When their basket was empty, the girl seemed self-conscious.

“I’m sorry I ate all of your food. But I thank you. I was really hungry.” She leaned over to the man and gave him a tight warm hug.

The man chuckled, “We’re glad to feed you. No harm done.”

The wife watched the man put his hands around the girl’s delicate waist. She watched his cheeks turn a rosy hue, his eyes sparkle, his smile spread giddily from ear to ear. She knew that look. It was a look that until then was only reserved for her. A look that she had not seen on him in a long time. She knew what he was thinking. What a perv!

“What’s your name again?” the wife asked.

“I’m Elenora,” the girl replied after she peeled herself off the man. She stood radiant. Her skin was impossibly translucent. Her hair shone like a beacon. For the first time that afternoon, it became apparent to both the man and his wife that the girl was a blossoming woman.

The sun dipped the bottom tip of its rays into the lake. The man pulled his scarf up over his face and exhaled to warm it up. He shivered.

“Aren’t you cold?” he asked the girl. He took his scarf off his neck and wrapped it around her nape. His fingers brushed her smooth sweet skin. He felt his toes tingle. He tried to push away the thought of cradling her exquisite neck in his hand and tasting her juicy lips. He had an overwhelming desire to wrap his body around hers, to protect her fragile beauty from the harsh wilderness.

“Are you here with anyone?” the wife wanted to know.

“Yes,” Elenora answered.

“Where?” The woman looked around. She could have sworn there was no one else there but the three of them, but that in itself was odd.

“They’ll be here,” Elenora assured.

The man’s blush turned pale. He felt nervous. They? Who are they?

“It’s going to be dark soon,” the wife warned. “Maybe we should look for them. I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave you here by yourself.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Elenora said wanly. “They’ll find me. They always do.”

The wife felt uneasy. Something was amiss. She shook the crumbs off the picnic blanket, wondering in the back of her mind why it was so quiet. Where were the birds or crickets? Where were the chipmunks that usually come after the food? She dismissed the thought, folded up the picnic blanket, and stuffed it into the basket. All she knew was that she wanted to leave. She wanted to get away from the girl, but she felt guilty about abandoning her at the top of the mountain at dusk. She was torn.

“Maybe you should come home with us,” the man spoke up suddenly.

“Oh, I don’t know about that. They might be worried about you if you come along with us without asking their permission,” the wife argued.

The man felt the heat rise to his head. “They! Who the hell are they? Do you even know who they are?” he yelled at his wife.

Elenora was visibly startled by the man’s outburst.

The man checked himself. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I just… who are these people that you’re with? Are they your family?”

Elenora shook her head. “No, they’re not.”

“You see!” the husband turned to his wife.

“But I guess they do protect me,” Elenora added.

“Who? Who protects you?” the man pried. He didn’t know why he felt threatened by them.

“I don’t care at this point,” the wife piped in impatiently. “It’s going to be dark soon and I want to be home before then. I’m going to find them, whoever they are, and make sure Elenora is back safe with them. Then I’m going home. I’m going to take a nice long bath and sleep in my own bed. And you better come with me if you know what’s good for you.”

The man wanted to be home before dark just as much as his wife did. Maybe even more so, because he did not want to find them and he did not want to wait for them to find Elenora. He wanted the three of them to leave the mountain at that moment.

“Woman, you will do no such thing,” the man ordered his wife firmly but calmly. He did not want to scare Elenora any more than he had. “Let’s all go home together. We’ll call them on the phone after we’re safe at home and have had a nice dinner.”

“NOOOO!!!” The wife tore madly through the woods, screaming at the top of her lungs. “HEY!!! HELLLLOOOOO! YOOOHOOO! You better get your girl back now ’cause I don’t want to leave her here by herself!!!”

The man shook his head apologetically. “I’m sorry, Elenora. I’ve never seen my wife act this rudely before. That woman gets hangry on an empty stomach, I tell you. Let me get her back and we can all go home.”

The man took after his wife, following the sound of her shrieks through the trees. When he finally caught up with her, she was teetering at the edge of a sheer cliff. He grabbed her. She struggled to get away from him and fell.

The woman hung by her fingertips an arm’s length down the cliff. Several hundreds of feet underneath her, jagged rocks dotted the bank of the lake.

The man got down on the ground and reached for his wife. “Take my hand!”

The wife shook her head. Dust clung to the sweat and tears on her face.

“Come on, baby. Take my hand!”

The wife looked deep into her man’s face. She saw his determination to bring her home. She saw his infatuation with the girl, the lust in his eyes, his desire for what the wife was long unable to give him. Youth, excitement, newness. She saw her own jealousy and insecurity. She saw that she was on the brink of falling to her death, and for what? She put all of her weight on her left hand and reached for her husband with her right.

A scream echoed through the mountain.

The man’s eyes wavered from his wife. They had the girl! His wife’s left hand was slipping. He imagined her broken lifeless body on the rocks below. He yanked his wife up by her outstretched hand with all his might.

The man and wife ran back to the clearing to find the swing barren. The man’s scarf draped lonely over the seat. He snatched the scarf quickly.

“ELENORA!!!” he called, ready to run through the woods again, this time in search for the girl.

It was the wife’s turn to rescue the man from the edge of insanity. She clutched tightly at her man. “Let’s go home, please. Please. Come home with me. They’ve got her now, darling. Let’s go home.”

“ELENORA!!!” the man kept screaming, looking wild-eyed from tree to tree hoping to catch a glimpse of the girl. The wife held him tight and pulled him all the way down the mountain. A loon cackled as the sun dove deep into the dark lake.

May Ling Su