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Queen Bee made it to the gallery!

The Bees Knees at Alexi Era Gallery

What was lost is now found. The Queen Bee by Mani C.Price found its way home to the gallery and is on display on the right.

Tonight is The Bees Knees fundraising art event at Alexi Era Gallery. There will be an online auction for some of the artwork, so keep your eyes open for that within the next few days. Proceeds go to Honey Love, an organization dedicated to urban beekeeping.

Show the honey bees love.

The Lost Painting of Queen Bee

This past spring, artist Mani C. Price suggested we collaborate on a painting for submission to The Bees Knees, a fundraising art event to benefit Honey Love, an organization devoted to urban beekeeping.

I was really excited about it, being the self-proclaimed Patron Pornsaint of Honey Bees. I sent Mani some image files from which she could draw inspiration.

Queen Bee May Ling Su sketch in pencil by Mani C. Price

Queen Bee May Ling Su painting in progress by Mani C. Price

Queen Bee May Ling Su painting in progress by Mani C. Price

Queen Bee May Ling Su finished painting by Mani C. Price

Queen Bee May Ling Su sketch in pencil by Mani C. Price

She is Queen Bee, Bhramari Devi. She was on her way to the Alexi Era Gallery when she got lost in the mail.

Someone commented, “The Muses demanded a sacrifice.” If so, I hope that the painting pleased them, and that the sacrifice becomes fuel for more exciting future endeavors.

If you can, please go to The Bees Knees on Saturday, July 19 at 6pm. Taste some raw local honey and buy some art.

Alexi Era Gallery
1426 Washington Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63103

Surreal Dreams

May Ling Su dreams

Diary entry from 19 May 2004:

I dreamed that a strange tree grew in the middle of our living room. My man pissed on it and it flowered and bore a big juicy orange, which I promptly ate.

I’ve been dreaming a lot more often lately. Actually more than likely I’ve been dreaming just as much as I always have, except that I’m remembering them more. Must be the bananas I’ve been eating before bed.

This morning I dreamed about a woman I was in bed with in Thailand. In my dream, she had tattoos of jungle animals on her abdomen all the way down to the top of her thighs. I remember tracing the lines with my fingers, and making the zebra talk by moving the lips of her cunt open and close. I woke up laughing.

I should make surrealist porn.

You can call me Queen Bee and baby, I’ll rule.

May Ling Su Patron Pornsaint of Honey Bees

I’ve dubbed myself May Ling Su, the Patron Pornsaint of Honey Bees.

Because I love raw honey. I’ve eaten all kinds of local raw honey everywhere I’ve lived. Each batch is a whole different taste of flowers. I eat it for fun and for health. I stir it into my tea, swallow it when I have a sore throat or a cough, and slather it on skin problems.

Honey is magical. And like all magic, I owe it my protection.

We have 3 acres of land and done nothing this spring. We have a landscaping company as our nearest neighbor, and we’ve gotten flyers advertising lawn mowing services, but we are standing our ground, letting the dandelions bloom yellow blooms all over the place. The bees love it! It makes me so happy to see them buzzing around. Our hydrangea tree is still barren, mint still low on the ground. I’ve got to feed the bees somehow until everything else blooms later this summer.

May Ling Su feeds the bee

Join me in taking care of the bees. No matter how small or how big your garden is…

DO enjoy raw honey from your local beekeeper.

DO explore organic ways such as using compost to grow your plants.

DO use biocontrols such as ladybugs to prevent insects from eating up your plants.

DO leave some undisturbed “wild” areas in your garden for bees to take shelter in.

DON’T use toxic pesticides, especially neonicotinoids. Don’t believe all the bee-washing. That stuff kills!

I am happy to report that 10% of MAYCAM‘s membership dues for April was donated to the Pesticide Action Network, which is working to replace toxic pesticides with alternatives that are in harmony with nature.

donation to pesticide action network

(And I bought a set of honey spoons from Honey Love’s Etsy Shop. But that’s purely selfish.)

More info on protecting bees:
Honey Haven
Honey Love

Fundraising Art Event:
The Bees Knees is on Saturday, July 19 at 6pm.
Alexi Era Gallery
1426 Washington Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63103