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Steamy 1


I’m a dirty girl. That’s why I take a lot of hot steamy showers. Not baths, I’m a shower girl. Take this video, for example. It starts out with me naked upside down in...

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Home in the Wild

This is 15th of my series of birthday nudes. Celebrate with me! For 15 years of health and growth – not in height, *sigh* but in spirit. Cheers! This photo was taken in our...

summer-2013-01 2

Summer’s Selfie Series

I’ve been a bad girl. I totally neglected to update you all summer. I tweeted, Facebooked, Flickred, even G+ed. I have no excuse for this kind of blog neglect. Not to mention the horrifying...

nightshot xxx video by May Ling Su 0


New video on MAYCAM: Nightshot I had a great time on the night we shot this movie. Josh came for a visit, and he brought flowers. We had fun just hanging out watching movies...

rose 2

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

I’ve been taking nude photos on my birthday for hundreds of years now. I can’t stop. It’s a horrible compulsion, really. To bare my body for you on my birthday, to see how much...

rainbow-girl 1

Heavenly Body

Last night the sky was so clear. So many stars! Stars not usually visible on other nights winked at me last night, telling me secrets from a different time and a different place. As...

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Let’s dive right in!

Hi! It’s been a loooong time, hasn’t it? Thank you for the messages of concern from some of you. I’m alive and well. I’m tickled that you missed me. I missed you too. Come...

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Esquire Philippines Article

The article about me published in last month’s Esquire Philippines is now online. Go read my interview with Gang Badoy and check out the art by Gamo Tuano. It’s so lovely!

bday-nude-2011 4

Birthday Nude 2011

This is Year 13 of the Birthday Nude tradition. This is one of the rare moments I get to sit still and reflect on what’s past and where I’m headed in the future. This...